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US Yoga Live Has Moved

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In 2016 the then Jivamukti Yoga Jersey City created a new streaming website called JIVAMUKTIYOGALIVE.COM this was a full 4 years before the beginning of the pandemic. It came about because a sales rep who live streamed Funeral Services approached me about streaming classes. As it turned out his solution was to put a mic in the middle of the room and install a security camera. As soon as we started the installation I realized that it was not going to be high enough quality and I started on a 6 month journey to find out what would be the best solution as I wanted to be able to have the option of Pan Tilt Zoom and have at least 2 camera angles and an isolated sound from the teacher so it wouldn't be echoey when students were listening to it. 


My solution was costly as it involved 2 high quality pan tilt zoom cameras in each room, a separate audio connection from the sound board and a minicomputer with a 4 channel video signal converter. The cost was over $20,000 when all was said and done but I thought that it was worth it in the long run because I felt it was the future.


The only issue that remained was installation and how much it would cost. After much deliberation I decided to do it myself. I knew nothing about streaming music or installation.


6 months later and 1000s of feet of cabling it was finally over. Whew! We had former students from all over the world who signed up to take classes with us. The opinion was that it was almost like being in the room with us practicing. 


Now after 3 years of pandemic where everyone began to stream we have entered a new phase and have moved everything to be integrated with our main site and MindBody. The advantage here is that students can now sign up for LIVE virtual classes as well as have access to our video on demand archive of classes. The pricing remains the same $35 for a month to month and $295 for the entire year. 

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