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Urban Sadhu Yoga Class Types


An Urban Sadhu Yoga Open class presents classical yoga teachings as relevant to one’s life on and off the mat in a modern world. The open class draws intention from the Urban Sadhu Yoga Explorations essay, chanting, breath awareness, vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. All Open classes include 15 offerings in a sequence creatively designed by a certified Urban Sadhu Yoga teacher.


This class is called “Open” because it is open to students willing to learn new things. However, students new to yoga are encouraged to explore the Urban Sadhu Yoga Fundamentals and Foundational Vinyasa Class types before exploring a rigorous heat building and active Urban Sadhu Yoga Open Class. Open Class types can range from 75 minutes to 90 minutes, please check schedule for details. 


Fast upbeat class. Urban Sadhu Yoga Express classes are designed for those who only have an hour to practice. The class is fast paced, and invigorating. The structure is a fixed set sequence instructed in a vinyasa style. It is a fully balanced class which includes asana warm-up, chanting, setting of intention, Surya Namaskar, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, meditation and relaxation. 


A yoga 101 workshop style course geared for students new to yoga, but all levels are welcome to these classes, which focus on the fundamentals of yoga asana. The course is divided into 4 sections: week 1 standing asanas, week 2 forward fold asanas, week 3 back bending asanas, and week 4 putting it together.  Over a 4-week period the student will learn to pay special attention to yoga asana alignment, the use of yoga props and helpful tips according to the Urban Sadhu Yoga Method. These are the tools that will form a solid yoga practice for students through their entire lives!!


The Urban Sadhu Yoga Foundational Vinyasa, the second stage in the course, will work as a structured learning curriculum that will allow a student to apply what was learned in Urban Sadhu Yoga Fundamentals to a vinyasa class style class and build onto that knowledge. This class type was developed out of our observation that many students needed a transitional program from Urban Sadhu Yoga Fundamentals of Yoga to Urban Sadhu Yoga Open Classes. This class type will prepare and give them the skills and confidence to move forward. The course is divided into 4 sections: week 1 standing asanas, week 2 forward fold asanas, week 3 back bending asanas, and week 4 inversions.


Yin Yoga is the counterbalance to stronger Vinyasa Practices. The Yoga Sutras tell us very clearly that the equilibrium in the asana spectrum comes from the dynamic interplay of “shtira” (established clarity and focus) and “sukha” (the good space that allows for integration, expansion, and growth). However, if the practices or Sadhanas are all Rajasic (strong, heat building) this interplay is disturbed, and we are pushed out of harmony. Urban Sadhu Yoga Yin is designed to balance the Rajas tendencies. 


The revolutionary restorative process starts with organic and introspective movement, to bring awareness to the current state of the physical being before each asana is held for an extended 3 to 5 minutes. Then, students continue in a series of supported postures, incorporating blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps and even essential oils, to allow an effortlessness in the practice. 


The Yoga Nidra means Yoga Sleep. Yoga Nidra is considered a form of Raja Yoga and is a form of Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), where awareness is slowly drawn from the external world, the body, its functions, the mind, its thoughts and feelings, allowing us to connect to the deeper unconscious of inner peace. In the practice of Yoga Nidra the mind becomes single-pointed as in mediation. This is why Yoga Nidra is not sleep, the practitioner remains still but focused. Yoga Nidra is performed laying down and no yoga asana skills or experience is needed.  This class type is for all adults regardless of age or physical ability.


This class is a 75 minute exploration of classical breath work and sensory withdrawal, leading to a deep guided meditation. Breath techniques that result in calming and focusing the mind can prepare us for the deep meditative state. This is based on classic Sanatana Dharma  (Hinduism) yogic techniques found in the traditional yogic teachings of Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Siva Sutras and Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras.


Guna means qualities, tendencies, or energetic characteristics that are found in nature. In Samkhya philosophy, a guna is one of three “tendencies, qualities”: Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. This category of qualities has been widely adopted by various schools of Yoga psychology for categorizing behavior and natural phenomena. Yoga philosophy states that the goal of yoga, the state of union, is beyond the three gunas. 

In the Urban Sadhu Yoga Tri-Guna Class™ is divided into three equal sections of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas energetics. By giving equal time to the three energetics, the goal of the class is to balance the three gunas and overcome them. The class explores 25 minutes vigorous Vinyasa yoga, 25 minutes Yin style yoga, and 25 minutes pranayama and meditation with a final result of total yogic bliss or Samadhi. 

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