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Events & Teacher Trainings

You'll find a list of our regularly scheduled and special evens here. We offer a wide variety of interesting topics designed to heal and inspire you. 

Urban Sadhu Yoga 300 hr Residential Teacher Training

July 28 Through August 25, 2024 — 28 days

Are you looking for a yoga teacher training that embraces the spiritual and ethical teachings of the yoga tradition? Then come join the Urban Sadhu Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training.

This training is not only for prospective yoga teachers, but also for anyone who desires skill sets to create positive change in the world through the six pillars of the Urban Sadhu Yoga Method: Sadhana (daily practice), Ahimsa (non-violation), Svadyaya (self-study) Dhyana (meditation), Aikyam (oneness) and Dharma (spiritual activism).

With a faculty of world-renowned facilitators, this method applies ancient yogic wisdom in a contemporary context. It incorporates tools like "intelligent sequencing" to help develop critical thinking about science-based anatomy, resulting in a deeper understanding of both the physical body and the subtle energetics of prana.

With the study of Yoga Shastras, the sacred yogic texts and philosophy will come to light. A significant portion of the training will focus on actual teaching skills in the Urban Sadhu Method. You return home able to conduct a dynamic class with confidence.

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