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Finally! A book that helps western yoga teachers bring ancient yoga teachings and spiritual practices into their classes. The Urban Sadhu Yoga™ Chant Book offers a wide variety of songs and chants in English that can be used to open and close an asana practice, along with the transliterated Sanskrit originals and tips for pronunciation. There are teachings about the purpose of yoga from some of the most important ancient yogic texts, and a section on songs and chants from other spiritual traditions. This is a book that bridges the gap between yoga asana as exercise and yoga asana as part of a multilayered, complex spiritual practice – and it’s accessible enough for all yoga teachers to use. We invite you to deepen your practice with the wealth of knowledge and insight provided here.

The book contains new interpretations of the Sanskrit texts by Urban Sadhu Yoga™ founder Austin Sanderson and Is illustrated by renown mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik. Heartfelt thanks goes out to Sally O’Driscoll for her tireless energy and dedication as editor, and Dhaivat (Bobby) Chhaya for his layout and design.

Urban Sadhu Chant Book

  • We offer 3 cover options. The studio pack is 12 copies that are spiral bound for a 50% discount.

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